Good Grief Lyric Meaning

At my singing club, we’re doing Good Grief by Bastille, but what do those lyrics mean?

My friend and I came to the conclusion that it is in fact about a loved one dying. The first line “watching through my fingers” could represent being at a funeral or looking and their dead body and crying into your hands or just not wanting to look at all. “Shut my eyes and count to ten” is a technique used to manage anger so it could be suggesting the singer is angry at the death of their loved one. “burning bright right till the end” I’m not quite sure about but it could represent the candles at a funeral or that the loved one is going to be a star “burning bright” or simply that the loved one is being cremated. “Now you’ll be missing from the photographs” is pretty self-explanatory- they won’t be in any more photos.

“In my thoughts, you’re far away
And you are whistling the melody, whistling the melody, Crystallising clear as day,
Oh, I can picture you so easily, picture you so easily ” could be representing the singer imagining the loved one still being alive or in heaven “whistling a melody”. I’m not quite sure what “crystalising clear as day” refers to but it could reference the dead body or how the image of the loved one will stay like that forever – not growing older-.

( (The chorus is obvious so I’ll just skip over that. ) )

The second verse quotes “Caught off guard by your favourite song,I’ll be dancing at a funeral, dancing at a funeral”. I think that this means that the singer is at the funeral and hears the loved ones favourite song and thus is “caught off guard”. “Sleeping in the clothes you love, It’s such a shame we had to see them burn, shame we had to see them burn” means that they are buried (“sleeping”) in the “clothes you love”. “Such a shame we had to see them burn” could represent the loved one being cremated or the singer burning all of their clothes.

“You might have to excuse me, I’ve lost control of all my senses, And you might have to excuse me, I’ve lost control of all my words” refers to being so upset they’ve “lost control of all of [their] senses”.

After researching this, I found out that frontman Dan Smith wrote the song “about loss”


Listen to Good Grief:


Cursive Letters

I placed my thumb on her

soft face

and felt those


come fluttering back

like they do every time

I am reminded that she is my


I wipe away her tears

and look into her eyes

“I have to go”

I whisper

and she shakes her head

but remains silent

because she knows

words alone

can not convince me

because she knows

in my head

and the heads of the army

I have already gone.

But silence is the worst goodbye

because it leaves space for thoughts to come intruding in

ruining the moment.

Silence is the worst goodbye

because there are so many words

I want to say


yell to her

but I cannot because her silence

speaks over me






One by Sarah Crossan

[Spoiler free]

One by Sarah Crossan was the most inspirational and life-changing book I may have ever read. Not only did it convey to me the feeling of having a twin sister, and used such emotion and feeling that I felt I understood. It also changed the way I felt about my own sibling. But the thing that the book did for me that I have deep respect for is it changed the way I thought about literacy.

The book is written in a free-verse style format. This blew my mind. How could a book possibly tell such an emotional story with only a few words per line? But I found by writing like this- there was no waffling. What I hate most in a book is waffling. Where the book takes a long time to get the point across and I, as a reader, become bored by the excessive use of formal language and unnecessary comments. One, however, was straight to the point but included so many beautiful metaphors and figurative language I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I highly recommend the book as it showed me a new way of conveying emotion. I have never cried at any book before, however, this one had me in floods of tears. The perspective, the format, the story line was so amazing and original. I feel in love with the (lovable) characters and felt as if I was truly part of that world. I will definitely be looking into more of Crossan’s work in the future.




I absolutely loved the chapter titles “Jon”. My favorite quote from the entire book is “For the first time I realise that, he is not perfect. And, I hate him for it.” . This quote can be applied to anyone who’s ever felt love. I’m not one for soppy love stories, but this quote spoke to me. This is the only quote I’ve ever seen expressing this sort of emotion about a problematic crush. Jon was by far my favorite character as he did not regard the twins as an inanimate object to goggle at, but as two separate people. He came from a broken home but didn’t moan, or take pity. He also didn’t pity the twins. He treated them as he would another “normal” person.  Yasmeen did the same, but somehow I prefer the relationship Grace and Jon had. I felt it was a “forbidden” love as there was always Tippi.

About Me

I’m a girl,

I like long skirts that swish when you spin,

And flowery headbands that remind me of spring,

I like socks with the little frills,

And eating cute sweets ’till I feel ill,

I like pastel versions of colours like pink and blue,

And dark ones that make me look emo too,

I like music that’s loud and angry,

But also ones that go slowly,

I play sports ’till I’m soaked in sweat,

And spend Saturdays surfing the net,

I love a good book,

And care about how I look,

Sometimes I’m quiet and shy,

But I won’t be embarrassed to flirt with a guy,

I’m not off limits for girls either,

Or non-binarys for that matter,

I cannot be defined,

I don’t fit into a box, and I don’t need to,

I’m both, I’m all,

Don’t try to confine me

Just A Game?

Whack! Into the goal,

Celebration, cheering,

page26-1024x791.jpgBooing, jeering,

You’re screaming, moaning, groaning, shouting,

But why are you shouting?

You pass the blame,

Play the name game,

But they tell us it’s just a game,

Just a game we play?

Is it just a game when there are posters on my wall,

Is it just a game played by my idols?

Is it just a game with blood, sweat, and tears, uva_field_hockey

Is it just a game when we all cheer?

Is it just a game when it brings in the cash?

Is it just a game when it’s all I have?

My voice is horse from cheers,

My eyes wet with tears,

I’m sweating, tired,

Instead of discouraged, I’m inspired,

For to me this is no game,

This is my life.

Top 10 Underappreciated Songs

Here are my top 10 underappreciated songs, I’ve tried to include songs from a range of artists and years, I hope you discover a song you love. [These are in no particular order]

16. .Joyriding- Frnk Iero andthe Celebration (Rock)

15. Suddenly I See- KT Turnstall (Pop)

14.Dead!- My Chemical Romance  (Emo/ Rock)

13. Naive- The Kooks (Alt. Rock)

12.Mad Hatter- Melanie Martinez (Pop/ Electropop)

11.Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls (Indie/ Pop Rock)

10. March to the Sea- Twenty One Pilots (Indie Pop/ Electropop)

9. When we Were Young- The Wombats (Indie/ Rock)

8. All you are is History (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

7. Better off Dead- Sleeping with Sirens (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

6. Brain Food- Milk Teeth (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

5. Drops of Jupiter- Train (Soft Rock/ Pop Rock)

4. Grace Kelly- Mika (Pop)

3. MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday (Emo/ Alt. Rock)

2. I’m Made of Wax Larry, What are you Made of? (Post-Hardcore/ Pop Rock)

1. Jamie all Over- Mayday Parade (Alt. Rock/ Indie)

We’re All Dying

We’re all dying, that’s not a lie,

Each with an individual hourglass,

Counting down their time,

Their sunsets and their dawns,

Slipping away like sand in fingers,

Grappling, grabbing, gone,

And another is filled,

Another hourglass begins,

Another life to build,

Ying and Yang,

Good and evil,

When one dies the others sang,

For death is not the end,

As a new life has began.





Mental Illness Awareness Day

Hi, my name is Madi, and I have cancer. I don’t, I lied, and it’s wrong of me to use a serious and fatal illness to provoke sympathy from you. So why is it so acceptable to do with mental illnesses?

Mental Illness awareness day is tomorrow (Monday 10th), in honour of it, I thought I’d do some educating and speak my opinion on the controversy that is mental illnesses.

Firstly, by telling someone that a mental illness is “just in your head” is the same as telling someone with asthma “its juts in your lungs”. There is a physical difference in the brain between someone who suffers a mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and someone who does not . Just the same as there is a physical difference in the body of someone who suffers from dwarfism and someone who does not.  Mental illnesses are real, valid and by definition, in your head. 9687848-large.png

An increasing amount of young people suffer from mental illnesses each year, and mental illnesses don’t discriminate, so everyone is at risk, not just white females. In fact, one in four people are diagnosed with a mental illness and 20% of children aged 13-18 live with a mental health condition. Mental illnesses are triggered by traumatic events, even though they may not seem that traumatic to everyone else, or even yourself. Young people especially are at risk with the high rate of child abuse and the added stress of school and other social events. Worst of all, the government in developed countries such as the USA and the UK are cutting funds to therapists and psychology studies, and less developed countries don’t even have access to any type of psychological help, to further delay the little progress being made.

Most people in their lifetimes have had the thought- “am I mentally stable?”, and that’s okay. Thanks to the internet we can research symptoms for these illnesses and try to debunk whether we have any mental illnesses or not. Unfortunately, some symptoms are quite broad, and we are left wondering whether or not it applies to us. At this point, if you seriously think you may be suffering from a mental illness, please see a therapist, be it online of not, or contact a free helpline. Your friends are not your therapists. They possibly have their own problems and it’s very stressful to try and deal with them and someone else’s issues. There’s a difference between being empathetic and being a therapist, do not expect your friends to fix your troubles. By all means talk openly to them about anything that’s bothering you, just try to keep the topics not too heavy.

For anyone with friends/ relatives with mental illnesses, please remember, you cannot love their illness away. It’s hard, but the best you can do is be there for them.

Ableism is discrimination in favour of able-bodied or minded people. Using words such as “depressed” and “bipolar” as adjectives (“I’m feeling so bipolar today”, “you’re so OCD”) when you don’t suffer from the illness is a type of ableism. As well as using words such as cr*zy and p*ycho or p*ychotic to describe people with a mental illness or  as an insult, this is because those words were once used as derogatory terms towards mentally ill people, the same as n*gger was a derogatory term used toward people of colour. That means wearing t-shirts with slogans such as “cute but p*ycho” implies you wish to be able to tell people you have a mental illness without suffering the pain and trauma that comes with it. Thus bringing us back to the main point of this article. It’s not okay t0 use mental illnesses, or any illness to gain sympathy when you don’t experience it.


Sunsets were beautiful because no one understood them. People gaped in awe of the miraculous colours dancing upon their faces or peaking through trees or sneaking through the window and brightening a room.  IMG_2147.jpg

Now, sunsets are still beautiful – but in a different way. Now its existence no longer mystifies us, instead reminds us. A sunset is a constant reminder of how small we are. A sunset speaks to use, warning us, “your planet is turning, turning through space, and yet you fret over the minuscule subjects instead of enjoying the miracle of life, for that is one mystery you are yet to solve”  Science is not destroying our mysteries and beauties, it is creating more. A sunset is no longer confusing but appreciated. Embrace the new way of science, for it is the only lead we have to find out why we’re here. If we stop now, we may never know.

Do We Actually Have Free Will?

The Declarations of Human Rights was established in 1948, it was mainly based upon the fact that everyone should be treated as humans and everyone should have freedoms. Freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press- which is a freedom all bloggers use. The main freedom, though, is free will. Free will means you have the freedom to choose.

Humans, however, are made up of billions upon billions of particles, and particles all obey  the natural laws of physics such as Newton’s law of movement. Surely if we are made up of particles that obeyIMG_3310.jpg laws, we, as humans, obey the laws as well. This means that we do not have free will as particles do not have free will. If this is true, human decisions  are determined by  influences in the world around them. Some scientists believe that the brain tricked itself into believing it had the freedom to choose.  As the Independent says, “The idea that human beings trick themselves into believing in free will was laid out in a paper by psychologists Dan Wegner and Thalia Wheatley nearly 20 years ago. They proposed the feeling of wanting to do something was real, but there may be no connecIMG_3312.jpgtion between the feeling and actually doing it.”.

So next time you decide something, think, was that free will? Or the brain tricking itself into believing that we have the freedom of choice.