Do We Actually Have Free Will?

The Declarations of Human Rights was established in 1948, it was mainly based upon the fact that everyone should be treated as humans and everyone should have freedoms. Freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press- which is a freedom all bloggers use. The main freedom, though, is free will. Free will means you have the freedom to choose.

Humans, however, are made up of billions upon billions of particles, and particles all obey  the natural laws of physics such as Newton’s law of movement. Surely if we are made up of particles that obeyIMG_3310.jpg laws, we, as humans, obey the laws as well. This means that we do not have free will as particles do not have free will. If this is true, human decisions  are determined by  influences in the world around them. Some scientists believe that the brain tricked itself into believing it had the freedom to choose.  As the Independent says, “The idea that human beings trick themselves into believing in free will was laid out in a paper by psychologists Dan Wegner and Thalia Wheatley nearly 20 years ago. They proposed the feeling of wanting to do something was real, but there may be no connecIMG_3312.jpgtion between the feeling and actually doing it.”.

So next time you decide something, think, was that free will? Or the brain tricking itself into believing that we have the freedom of choice.





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