Sunsets were beautiful because no one understood them. People gaped in awe of the miraculous colours dancing upon their faces or peaking through trees or sneaking through the window and brightening a room.  IMG_2147.jpg

Now, sunsets are still beautiful – but in a different way. Now its existence no longer mystifies us, instead reminds us. A sunset is a constant reminder of how small we are. A sunset speaks to use, warning us, “your planet is turning, turning through space, and yet you fret over the minuscule subjects instead of enjoying the miracle of life, for that is one mystery you are yet to solve”  Science is not destroying our mysteries and beauties, it is creating more. A sunset is no longer confusing but appreciated. Embrace the new way of science, for it is the only lead we have to find out why we’re here. If we stop now, we may never know.


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