Top 10 Underappreciated Songs

Here are my top 10 underappreciated songs, I’ve tried to include songs from a range of artists and years, I hope you discover a song you love. [These are in no particular order]

16. .Joyriding- Frnk Iero andthe Celebration (Rock)

15. Suddenly I See- KT Turnstall (Pop)

14.Dead!- My Chemical Romance  (Emo/ Rock)

13. Naive- The Kooks (Alt. Rock)

12.Mad Hatter- Melanie Martinez (Pop/ Electropop)

11.Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls (Indie/ Pop Rock)

10. March to the Sea- Twenty One Pilots (Indie Pop/ Electropop)

9. When we Were Young- The Wombats (Indie/ Rock)

8. All you are is History (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

7. Better off Dead- Sleeping with Sirens (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

6. Brain Food- Milk Teeth (Alt. Rock/ Pop Rock)

5. Drops of Jupiter- Train (Soft Rock/ Pop Rock)

4. Grace Kelly- Mika (Pop)

3. MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday (Emo/ Alt. Rock)

2. I’m Made of Wax Larry, What are you Made of? (Post-Hardcore/ Pop Rock)

1. Jamie all Over- Mayday Parade (Alt. Rock/ Indie)


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