One by Sarah Crossan

[Spoiler free]

One by Sarah Crossan was the most inspirational and life-changing book I may have ever read. Not only did it convey to me the feeling of having a twin sister, and used such emotion and feeling that I felt I understood. It also changed the way I felt about my own sibling. But the thing that the book did for me that I have deep respect for is it changed the way I thought about literacy.

The book is written in a free-verse style format. This blew my mind. How could a book possibly tell such an emotional story with only a few words per line? But I found by writing like this- there was no waffling. What I hate most in a book is waffling. Where the book takes a long time to get the point across and I, as a reader, become bored by the excessive use of formal language and unnecessary comments. One, however, was straight to the point but included so many beautiful metaphors and figurative language I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I highly recommend the book as it showed me a new way of conveying emotion. I have never cried at any book before, however, this one had me in floods of tears. The perspective, the format, the story line was so amazing and original. I feel in love with the (lovable) characters and felt as if I was truly part of that world. I will definitely be looking into more of Crossan’s work in the future.




I absolutely loved the chapter titles “Jon”. My favorite quote from the entire book is “For the first time I realise that, he is not perfect. And, I hate him for it.” . This quote can be applied to anyone who’s ever felt love. I’m not one for soppy love stories, but this quote spoke to me. This is the only quote I’ve ever seen expressing this sort of emotion about a problematic crush. Jon was by far my favorite character as he did not regard the twins as an inanimate object to goggle at, but as two separate people. He came from a broken home but didn’t moan, or take pity. He also didn’t pity the twins. He treated them as he would another “normal” person.  Yasmeen did the same, but somehow I prefer the relationship Grace and Jon had. I felt it was a “forbidden” love as there was always Tippi.