About Me

I’m a girl,

I like long skirts that swish when you spin,

And flowery headbands that remind me of spring,

I like socks with the little frills,

And eating cute sweets ’till I feel ill,

I like pastel versions of colours like pink and blue,

And dark ones that make me look emo too,

I like music that’s loud and angry,

But also ones that go slowly,

I play sports ’till I’m soaked in sweat,

And spend Saturdays surfing the net,

I love a good book,

And care about how I look,

Sometimes I’m quiet and shy,

But I won’t be embarrassed to flirt with a guy,

I’m not off limits for girls either,

Or non-binarys for that matter,

I cannot be defined,

I don’t fit into a box, and I don’t need to,

I’m both, I’m all,

Don’t try to confine me