Cursive Letters

I placed my thumb on her

soft face

and felt those


come fluttering back

like they do every time

I am reminded that she is my


I wipe away her tears

and look into her eyes

“I have to go”

I whisper

and she shakes her head

but remains silent

because she knows

words alone

can not convince me

because she knows

in my head

and the heads of the army

I have already gone.

But silence is the worst goodbye

because it leaves space for thoughts to come intruding in

ruining the moment.

Silence is the worst goodbye

because there are so many words

I want to say


yell to her

but I cannot because her silence

speaks over me







About Me

I’m a girl,

I like long skirts that swish when you spin,

And flowery headbands that remind me of spring,

I like socks with the little frills,

And eating cute sweets ’till I feel ill,

I like pastel versions of colours like pink and blue,

And dark ones that make me look emo too,

I like music that’s loud and angry,

But also ones that go slowly,

I play sports ’till I’m soaked in sweat,

And spend Saturdays surfing the net,

I love a good book,

And care about how I look,

Sometimes I’m quiet and shy,

But I won’t be embarrassed to flirt with a guy,

I’m not off limits for girls either,

Or non-binarys for that matter,

I cannot be defined,

I don’t fit into a box, and I don’t need to,

I’m both, I’m all,

Don’t try to confine me

We’re All Dying

We’re all dying, that’s not a lie,

Each with an individual hourglass,

Counting down their time,

Their sunsets and their dawns,

Slipping away like sand in fingers,

Grappling, grabbing, gone,

And another is filled,

Another hourglass begins,

Another life to build,

Ying and Yang,

Good and evil,

When one dies the others sang,

For death is not the end,

As a new life has began.





A Pessimist’s Anthem

What good is living when you’re practically dead?What good are morals when all we do is guess?

What good are morals when all we do is guess?

What good are priests’ speeches, When all they have said,

Have been reused over and over again?

What good is listening to your heart over your head,

When your heart’s just a muscle beating in your chest?

What good is waking up when you could just lie in bed?

What good is living when you’re already dead?

A Poem For You



Whatever you wish to name it,

We’re all fighting the same battle,

The battle for rights,

Gay rights,

Black rights,

Women’s rights,

Muslim’s rights,

Transgender rights,




Because we’re all human, right?


Shot because of who you love,

Shot because of how you look,

Shot because you were born like that,

Shot because you’re ascociated with them,

Shot because you want people to use your name,

Your pronouns,

Shot because expressing yourself isn’t allowed,

Shot because you can’t change that about yourself,

Shot because you were having fun,

Riding a bike,

At a club in Orlando,

Shot because you’re wearing what you wanted,

Shot because you wanted the toilet,

Because you wanted respect,


Because we’re treating everyone like humans, right?


Slavery abolished: 1866

Equal Pay Act: 1970,

Sex Discrimination Act: 1975,

Race Relations Act: 1976,

Disability Discrimination Act: 1995

Religion or Belief Regulations: 2003,

Sexual Orientation Regulations: 2003,

The Equality Act: 2010



And it still happening.

And we still have to fight,

Fight for basic human rights,

Human rights established 27 years ago,